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Scent Recipes & Blending Ideas

The mixing ideas below are suggestions.You may wish to change the percentages or tinker with the ingredients according to taste.Many are basic common blends, while others are private blends supplied by various candle makers. Keep in mind that the actual scent of the finished blend may vary due to the fact that many candle makers use different suppliers for their scents.

AFTER GLOW: Equal parts Orange, Pineapple and Pomegranate.
ALMOND COOKIE: Equal parts Almond & Sugar Cookie.
AMBER: Equal parts Benzoin Absolute, Labdanum e.o., Balsam Peru e.o., Storax/Myrrh e.o.
AMBER ROMANCE: Equal parts Sandalwood and Vanilla with a splash of Black Cherry.
AMARETTO SOUR: 3 parts Amaretto to 1 part Grapefruit.
AMBROSIA: 1/2 Orange to equal parts Pineapple and Banana. Splash of Coconut.
APPLE BUTTER: Equal parts Buttercream & Red Apple, splash of Cinnamon & Nutmeg.
BABY POWDER: Equal parts Rose and Vanilla.
BANANA CREAM PIE: Equal parts Banana and Vanilla, splash Coconut.
BANANA SPLIT: 1/2 Banana to equal parts Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.
BAY RUM: Bayberry with a splash of Orange and Allspice or Clove.
BELLADONNA: 12 drops Sandalwood, 6 drops Rosewood, 2 drops Rose, 1 drops Myrrh & 1 drop Patchouli.
BERRY PATCH: 3/4 Raspberry 1/4 Patchouli.
BISCOTTI: 2 parts Sugar Cookie to 1 part Chocolate & 1 part Almond.
BITTERBERRY: Equal parts Bittersweet & any berry type.
BLACK FOREST CAKE: Equal parts Chocolate, Cherry, Amaretto and Fresh Cake
BUTTERNUT: Equal parts Almond & Buttercream.
CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE: Equal parts Champagne and Orange, dash of Cassis or Currant.
CANDY APPLE: Equal parts Cherry and Apple.
CANDY CANE: Equal parts Strawberry & Peppermint.
CARAMEL APPLE: Equal parts Red Apple and Caramel, splash Cinnamon.
CARAMELLO: Equal parts Marshmallow and Caramel.
CHERRY BERRY: Equal parts Cherry and Berry scent.
CHINA MUSK: Equal parts Musk & China Rain.
CHINA RAIN: Equal parts Lily Of The Valley, Wisteria, Rose & Sandalwood.
CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES: Equal parts Chocolate & Cherry.
CHRISTMAS KITCHEN: 2 part Sugar Cookie to 1 part Peppermint & 1 part Pine.
CINNABERRY: Equal parts Bayberry & Cinnamon.
CITY OF LIGHTS (blended for town Steel Magnolias was made in) : Equal parts Lavender & Cinnamon.
COCOA BERRIES: 1/2 Chocolate with equal parts Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Cherry.
COUNTRY HOTCAKES: Equal parts Blueberry Muffins and Maple Pecan.
CRANAPPLE: Equal parts Cranberry & Apple.
CUCUMBER CITRUS: Equal parts Cucumber and Lemon.
CUCUMBER IVY: Equal parts Cucumber & English Ivy.
CUCUMBER MELON: Equal parts Cucumber & Honeydew Melon and/or Watermelon.
DEWBERRY: Equal parts Honeydew with Mulberry and/or Raspberry.
DUSTY ROSE: 3 part Rose to 1 part Baby Powder.
EGYPTIAN MUSK: 3 parts Musk, 2 parts Sandalwood & 1 part Ylang Ylang.
EROTICA: Equal parts Patchouli, Black Cherry, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.
EXOTIC CHERRY: Equal parts Patchouli & Black Cherry.
EXTREME COFFEE: 1/2 Fresh Brewed Coffee, equal parts Irish Cream, Amaretto and French Vaniila.
FUNNEL CAKE: Equal parts Cotton Candy and Cake Bake, splash of Vanilla.
FUZZY BANANA: 1/2 orange, 1/4 each Banana and Peach.
FUZZY NAVAL: Equal parts Peach and Orange.
GINGER PEACH: Equal parts Ginger & Peach.
GRANNIES KITCHEN: 1/2 Fresh Cake to equal parts Cinnamon & Nutmeg.
GREEN APPLE CANDY: Equal parts Green Apple, Strawberry & Cucumber.
HAWAIIAN THUNDER: 1/2 Plumeria with equal parts Rain Type & Seabreeze/Ocean Type. Splash of Pineapple and/or Coconut.
HERBAL APPLE: 1 part Cucumber to 2 parts Apple, splash of Rosemary.
HOLIDAY COOKIE: Equal parts Sugar Cookie & Vanilla Cake.
HONEYDEW PEAR: Equal parts Honeydew Melon & Pear.
HONEYSUCKLE ROSE: 3 part Honeysuckle, 1 part Rose. Some also add a splash of Patchouli.
ISLAND BABY: Equal parts Baby Powder & Plumeria.
ISLAND TAN: Equal parts Almond, Vanilla & Coconut with a splash of Banana.
LEATHER & LACE: Equal parts Leather and Vanilla.
LEMON GINGER: 3 parts Lemon to 2 parts Ginger.
LEPRECHAUN'S MAGIC: 3/4 Heather, 1 part Fresh Cut Grass, dash of any floral.
LILAC LILLIES: Equal parts Lilac & Lily Of The Valley.
LOVE: 3 parts Rose, 2 parts Jasmine & 1 part Patchouli.
LUSCIOUS VANILLA: Equal parts Vanilla & Sugar Cookie.
MANILLA: Equal parts Vanilla & Mulberry.
MAPLE ORCHARD: Equal parts Maple, Apple & Orange.
MAYBERRY: Equal parts Mulberry & Bayberry.
MIDNIGHT ROSE: Equal parts Rose & Jasmine.
MIMOSA: Equal parts Champagne & Orange.
MOTHER EARTH: Equal parts Patchouli, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Leaf & Sweet Orange essential oils.
NIGHT QUEEN: 6 parts Sandalwood, 4 parts Rose & 1 part Jasmine.
ORANGE SPICE: 1/2 Orange with equal parts Cinnamon & Clove.
PEACH BERRY: Equal parts Peach & Raspberry.
PEAR BERRY: Equal parts Pear & Raspberry.
PEANUT BUTTER CUP (like reese): Equal parts Chocolate & Peanut Butter.
PEPPERMINT BON BON/PEPPERMINT PATTY: Equal parts Chocolate & Peppermint.
PEPPERMINT PINE: Equal parts Peppermint & Pine.
PINA COLADA: Equal parts Pineapple & Coconut.
PINK FLAMINGO: 3/4 Orange to 1/4 Cherry.
PRALINES & CREAM: 1 part Vanilla to equal parts Caramel and Pecan
PSYCHE: Equal parts Lime and Orange, dash Grape and Green Apple.
RAIN: Equal parts Lily Of The Valley & Hyacinth with a touch of Wisteria.
RAIN FORREST: Equal parts Rain & any Pine type.
RIVERIA SUN: Equal parts Jasmine & Peach, splash of Pineapple.
SEX ON THE BEACH: 1/2 part Peach,1/4 part Orange,1/4 part Cranberry.
SHALIMAR "TYPE": 15 drops Orange Blossom, 9 drops Jasmine, 9 drops Patchouli, 5 drops Vanilla, 5 drops Ambergris.
SíMORES: 1/2 Chocolate to equal parts Toasted Marshmallow & Graham Cracker.
SOUTHERN SUNSHINE: Equal parts Lemon & Honeysuckle.
SPICED APPLE: 1/2 Red Apple mixed with equal parts Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove.
SPRING MAGNOLIA: Equal parts Magnolia & Peach, splash of Fresh Lemon.
SPRING WEDDING: Equal parts Lilac and Vanilla, splash of Butterscotch and Rose.
STRAWBERRY BANANA/BANABERRY: Equal parts Strawberry & Banana.
STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE: Equal parts Strawberry & Champagne.
STRAWBERRY CRUNCH: Equal parts Strawberry & Sugar Cookie.
STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI: Equal parts Cotton Candy, Lemonade and Strawberry.
STRAWBERRY KIWI: Equal parts Strawberry & Kiwi.
STRAWBERRY WINE: Equal parts Strawberry & Wine.
SUMMER BREEZE: Equal parts Jasmine and Orange Blossom.
SUMMER DREAMS: 1 part Melon (Honeydew and Watermelon mixed) with 1/2 part each Lemon and Orange.
SUMMER FLING: Equal parts Raspberry and Irish Cream.
SUMMER NIGHTS: Equal parts Jasmine & Rain with a splash of Gardenia.
SUNRISE: 1 part Jasmine, 1/2 part each Orange and Pomegranate.
TROPICAL BABY: Equal parts Lavender, Rose & Plumeria.
TROPICAL FRUIT: Equal parts Mango & Kiwi.
VANILLA MIXING IDEAS (All in equal parts): Bayberry Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, Cinnamon Vanilla (Cinilla), Citrus Vanilla (Orange, Grapefruit & Lemon with Vanilla), Cranberry Vanilla (Cranilla), Mulberry Vanilla, Orange Vanilla (Dreamsicle), Lime Vanilla (Lime Sherbet), Raspberry Vanilla and Strawberry Vanilla (Strawberries & Cream).
VERY BERRY: Equal parts Huckleberry & Wildberry.
WHITE SHOULDERS "TYPE": 3 drops each of Gardenia & Orange Blossom to 2 parts each Lily Of The Valley, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood & Ambergris.
WHITE ZINFANDEL: 1 part Champagne and 1/2 part each Pear and Apple.
WINE COOLER: Equal parts Cabernet and Champagne and dash of Lemon.
WINTER BERRY: 2 parts Peppermint to 1 part strawberry & 1 part Raspberry.
WOODLANDS: Equal parts Bayberry, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Freesia and Clove. Can also add 1/2 Vanilla for Woodland Vanilla, 1/2 Orange for Woodland Oranges, 1/2 Rain Type for Rain Forrest or more floral for Woodland Blossom.